Sizing chart

Products classified as Regular fit:  

  Length Chest Shoulder Sleeve
S 26.3" 39.3" 17.3" 7.8"
M 27.1" 40.9" 17.9" 8"
L 27.9" 42.5" 18.5" 8.2"
XL 28.7" 44" 19.0" 8.4"
XXL 29.5" 45.6" 19.6" 8.6"


Regular fit vs oversize fit 

  1. Fit: Oversize shirts offer a loose and roomy fit, providing more comfort and freedom of movement. Regular size shirts have a more tailored fit, conforming closely to the body's shape.

  2. Length: Oversize shirts are typically longer in length, extending below the waist or hips. Regular size shirts are designed to hit at the waistline or slightly below.

  3. Sleeve Length: Oversize shirts may have longer sleeves that extend past the wrists. Regular size shirts have sleeves that are designed to reach the wrist bone.

  4. Shoulder and Chest Width: Oversize shirts have broader shoulder and chest measurements compared to regular size shirts, accommodating a larger body frame.

  5. Style: Oversize shirts are often associated with a relaxed and trendy streetwear style. Regular size shirts are more commonly used for formal or business attire.

  6. Fashion Trends: Oversize shirts have been a popular fashion trend in recent years, while regular size shirts remain a classic wardrobe staple.